гаминатор мульти клуб

17-19 East Bond Street, Leicester, LE1 4SU - Postcode LE1 4SX is required for sat nav. | 44 (0) 1 | 7 days a week from 11am until 6am Live Gaming: 12pm - 6am Electronic Roulette and Slots: 11am - 6am At Genting Casino Leicester we take gaming seriously and more importantly we understand our customers.

So if you love the style, excitement and energy of live casino gaming, we look forward to seeing you very soon.

We have venues across the UK, click here to find your local Genting Casino.

Whilst our Blackjack Games are predominantly dealt using automatic shuffling machines, we can offer a hand dealt game at a £25 minimum.

If you would like to play at higher limits than advertised, please contact us directly. Play our exciting Blackjack Aces side bet and for a £1 stake.

The progressive "Mega" Jackpot is currently in excess of £100,000 and still rising.

With multiple jackpots and pay offs, all you need to do is get dealt an Ace with your first card and your on your way.

We also offer three different Genting Bonus side bets for blackjack: Pairs, Super 3 as well as Ultimate 3.

Each of these exciting side bets adds another dimension to your traditional blackjack game.

See in club for full details of all of our side bets.

Please note that if an automatic shuffling machine is not used, the Ultimate 3 side bet will not be available to play.

Our Novomatic slots are now available with the added excitement of Power Link progressive jackpots.